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1st Trick [video]

[An ebony haired woman peers into the screen, her brown eyes curiously looking over the device before she cracked a small smile as she focused.]

Hi, I just arrived and I heard from Enno that there were other people from my world here. I'm curious as to who else is from Auldrant.

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Anise’s story begins in the slums of Daath, head quarters to the Order of Lorelei. Her father had a habit of being a giving man and they easily found themselves in debt and owing lots of money to debt collectors and loan sharks. Anise often found herself looking over any contracts that were offered to them to make sure they weren’t getting jipped The girl yearned to protect her family, resentful that they were always targeted and hoped to one day get into the Daath military which was near impossible for someone of her status. Instead she found herself looking into hopefully marrying rich one day and spellcasting classes to learn what little she could, which happened to be impressive, especially for someone her age. After hearing about how she was able to use a fonic arte, Grand Maestro Mohs sent out an offer to her parents to clear all of their debt if they worked for the church. Of course…they signed this before Anise could look it over.

She was now a puppet for Moh’s whim due to her parent’s debt.

Anise was trained in the military and was assigned as a Fon Master Guardian. Ion picked her to be by his side and protect him which was likely part of Moh’s plan to assure the Fon Master did as he said. During this time Anise was scouting for future husbands and met Dist the Reaper (or Rose as he likes to call himself) though the meeting didn’t go too well they did become friends and he modified her stuffed animal given to her by her mother in a weapon of sorts. In the world, the feud between the countries of Kimlasca and Malkuth were heating up. In an effort to gain peace the emperor of Malkuth sent Colonel Jade Curtiss to ask the Fon Master to help with a peace treaty. Mohs told Ion to deny the request since Daath is suppose to be neutral and sent a messenger to tell the Colonel the next day and to state that Ion had suddenly become ill. Jade, not being shaken by this hunts down Anise and goes on a tour to see the monuments to try and persuade her to ask the Fon Master for an appointment While Anise brings Ion dinner (since now he’s a prisoner since he wanted to go out and make a difference) He asks her if it was truly right that he wanted peace. Anise told his that the people have anxieties because of war, but when he’s around it’s like their worries disappear. Ion, talking inspiration from her words decided that to be Fon Master to bring peace and asked her to bring him to Jade.

Aaaaannnnnnnd cue mission impossible music! While Jade starts a riot, Anise and Ion have to repel down the side of the church. Once down they joined him and made a break for it. They joined him on a boat and as they made their way out to his ship at sea the Moh’s caught on to their plan and tried to capture them. Unable to shake them without accidentally killing them, Anise demonstrates her abilities with her plush, Tokunaga. After giving it her all they still managed to get surrounded and Ion used his awesome Fon Master powers to knock them out, fainting in the process. Once safe in the boat, they feel the earth shake and a shining light heading from Kimlasca to Malkuth. Jade decides he wants to investigate instead of…you know…getting Ion to Kimlasca and getting a treaty done.

So off to Engave! Anise somehow lost Ion and bumped into our main hero and heroine, asking where he may be. Unfortunately they don’t meet him until later so she goes off searching again. Later she gets Jade and they trail behind Luke and the gang until the get to the Liger’s nest. Anise reunites with Ion, Jade pwns a Lyger and life moves on~
Luke gets taken for questioning along with Tear on the Tartarus, after he explains everything Jade explains that they are on a mission of peace from the Emperor and Jade intends on using Luke as a valuable pawn piece since he is the Duke’s son and the King’s nephew. Anise on the other hand wants to use him for money and is constantly flirting with him (to little or no avail). After Luke explores the ship it’s soon attacked and everyone is trapped. Oracle knight had seized the ship along with a few of the God Generals, Anise and Ion were trapped in another section of the ship when it happened. Ion quickly passed her the peace treaty to keep it safe before she got knocked out of the ship through the window (all the while screaming “I’ll kill you bastards!”) Anise decided to continue with their mission, quickly moving on ahead to St. Binah. After sensing danger and tension there she moved ahead to Kaitzur to try and get to Baticul. She didn’t have a passport to get through, though luckily the Jade gang finally caught up with her. Asch attacked and had a lovely reunion with Luke before ♥Master Van♥ showed up. There was argument over who was ordering the 6 God Generals around and he said “Not it”.

Next day there was commotion at the port and it was being attacked by Gloomieta, the dreaded God General of frowns. Everyone goes to Choral Castle because she’s holding the maintenance chief captive from the port. Once there a few events happened that weren’t important to her and then they leave for the port again.

They went to Chesedonia and Van left with the gloomy one in toll and then they rocked another boat and finally made it to Baticul. Luke was determined to be ambassador and they were sent to Akzeriuth. Once there, Luke was stupid and blew the whole place up, killing everyone except for the important people to the plot conveniently enough. Luke was a whiney emo kid and everyone decided to hate him at the same time for good reasons.

Skipping on ahead like waaay ahead in a volcano somewhere, Anise is acting rather strange and hurried and Jade calls her out on it. She of course denies it. Once they return to Daath Anise says there’s something super special important that Ion needs to do and rushes off with him. When the Jade gang went to give chase they were surrounded by Legretta and her soldiers. Gloomieta quickly swooped in and rescued them. Anise had taken Ion to the Sephiroth on Mohs orders. She had explained that it was her job from the beginning to report on Ion to Mohs before throwing a stuffed animal with a note attached to it at them, telling them how to have access to where she was going. The Jade gang realized that Anise was being controlled by Mohs on threat of her parents being harmed. Once they got there, Ion was reading the score while Anise stood to the side. Ion died from reading the score and Anise blamed his death on herself since she lead him to Mohs and followed the Maestros’ whim. Gloomieta heard what Anise had done and demanded a d-d-d-d-d-duel! Anise agreed and Arietta said she’d get her people to call her people to let her know when.

Anise contemplates death and sorrow and what it means to lose someone you love. And even though she ‘betrayed the group’ no one hated her unlike Luke which shows you who is really liked in the series. Moar emo and black tears and Anise wins the duel against her arch nemesis. She emos some more because Arietta will never know twu luv. Mohs got away but was infused with the 7th fonon and turned into a monster and went crazy. After putting him out of his misery, the group moved on to stop one of the other crazy guys in the game.

Right before the final battle Anise had a heart to heart with Jade. She explained how she was going to denounce her heathen ways and try and become the first female Fon Master. Jade was like “Yeah, I know.” and Anise booed at him for spoiling her surprise to him.

The final battle contained many dramatic speeches of drama and fighting...and more drama…and made many wonder WHY WON’T HE JUST DIE ALREADY?!? After defeating him Anise told Luke he better come back since she needed a patron to help support the Order. Luke went off that be an hero while the others escaped.

Two years later, ‘Luke’ came back as he promised and there was much rejoicing in the land.

Currently Anise is continuing her work in the order of Lorelei to help her achieve her goal as Fon Master. Since she has such good relations with Kimlasca and Malkuth, she is working as an ambassador between the countries to help keep Daath in good graces. The order has temporarily turned into a charitable organization to help the replicas and also the people who suffered from the lowering of the outer lands.

But rejoice doesn't seem to last long, does it? At the age of sixteen, Anise was promoted to an important job with the Order of Lorelei. They asigned her to be the Ambassador, mostly due to her relations with Kimlasca and Malkuth. Excited, Anise knew that this was definitely her one step closer to her original goal of becoming Fon Master. Her previous attempts were denied due to the Order being  broken up from the devistation Van left. She knew once she was able to help the Order get of it's feet again and prove her importance and worth, they'd be more considerate to her requests. So Anise traveled to the capital city of both Malkuth and Kimlasca, asking for donations and negotiating new terms between the Order and the cities. Daath could no longer be a reliogious capitial, it had to reinvent itself. The Order itself turned into a caratable organization, helping out people who had suffured from the lowering of the outer lands. It also helped support Princess Natalia's program to help out the replicas that were left behind in their mass creation.

Regardless, Anise's campaign through the countries were considered helpful overall to the Order, unfortunately, there was still trouble brewing in Daath. Anise had only been Ambassador for a year when they finally struck. The New Order of Lorelei reared it head again, causing chaos in the small city by causing an explosive entrance. That explosion being the center of where the Maestros were holding a meeting. That meeting is where Anise should have been. She had been delayed that morning on purpose, people continuously stopping her and asking for help. She was down the hall from the meeting when the New Order started their attack. She was stunned by the bomb that went off, easily finding herself surrounded and taken prisoner by the New Order. She was held hostage as a bargaining tool while they continued their attack.  To afflict  the Order and to teach the young woman a lesson she'd never forget, they chained her up and carved 'score hater' into her back before causing various other wounds. to her body. When she finally passed out is when she at last recieved rescue. Florian, who had been training with the Knights had found her and come to her aid, killing her assalents before sending her off with rescue troups that had come to Daath's aid. Anise found herself under the care of Malkuth, the best the Emperor could get. Unfortunately, she wouldn't know that until a few days later when she finally woke up.

She not only had to heal physiacally, but from the mental scars left on her as well.

Try as they might, the healers were able to help with most of the wounds except the ones that were innitially placed on her. She'd have to live with the words that were carved on her back or have them scarred off. The young woman asked the Emperor to keep silent about what happened, no matter how hard Guy, Dist and Jade tried to butt in and find out. Eventually everyone came by, or if they couldn't, sent her get well wishes, she always had a visitor or two a day but something still seemed off about the girl. She was quiet, withdrawn and didn't care for loud company and shied away from when people tried to touch her, mostly men. Dist noticed that she was withdrawn and though upgrading her arsenal would help make her happy, the man placed a glyph on her back, causing her to live up to her title of puppet master, even over people (She can't use it without exhausting effects on her after a while). Jade on the otherhand got her the help she needed since she wouldn't talk to him about what was bothering her. 

She was innitially surprised to see a psychiatrist but after a few sessions, finally opened up to them. After a few more, she opened up to Jade, Guy and then the Emeperor himself about what happened in Daath the day it was attacked. She progressively got better, able to become more like herself again. She frequently kept the Makluth Colonel company, if not in his office, he'd at least go and see her. they were almost inseperable.


Anise had become well enough to be able to continue her work with the order of Lorelei, the day she had to leave was quickly approaching. Jade had asked her to meet him in the park and she is taken from when she's waiting on him to finally arrive.



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I'm curious to see what everyone thinks about Older!Anise. All comments and crit are welcomed about her from concrete to silly~♥

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