Anise Tatlin (last_puppeteer) wrote,
Anise Tatlin

Trick 2 [Accidental video//Event]

[The puppeteer's 3STP switches  on by some means, showing a rather horrifying sight.

Anise was hanging in the middle of a room from a chain, her head was down, she herself motionless. The woman herself was in bad shape, cuts and gashes covered her whole body. She was soaked in blood, her clothes barely hung onto her since they were practically ripped to shreds. The room that she was in was somewhat dark, looked like nothing inside of her house. Softly, she started to laugh, soon the laughter turned into something more hysterical before she abruptly stopped.]

Love taps...Don't tell me that's all you got~?

[Suddenly a whip lashed out, catching her across her face. The girl held her tongue from letting out any screams, she knew that's what they wanted to hear regardless.]

[ooc: Posting order is Me, Enno, Moro, JuuJuu, and Shanonononononon ♥ ]
Tags: event, oh snap, tourture, whips and chains
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