Trick 10 [video]

[Hey look! There's a pig-tailed girl gazinglooking into the 3stp with a look of curiousity.]

So...does anyone know what's going on? I found Florian who seems to know me but I don't know him and I'm in a city I don't recognize from Auldrant...Are we even on Auldrant?
a moment of silence...

7th Trick [Voice//Video]

 [A video feed kicks in, showing the body of a certain dead robot girl laying in the forest. Her chest had been blown out, exposing all of the melted circuits inside of her.

Only the voice of a woman could be heard, obviously full of rage.]

Whoever did this is going to pay. In the meantime I'm going to bring her body into town so we can give her a proper funeral and burial.

[The video feed then cuts off so she can do what she said she was going to do.]
ah ha ha oh you~

Trick 4 [Accidental video//Event]

 [When the 3STP turned on, it seemed that Anise was baking a few things in the kitchen to get into the holiday spirit. Softly, the young woman was humming the tune that the others hand been singing  for the past few days when she herself actually sung out the seventh verse, though it seems to be a bit improvised.]

♪♫On the seventh day of Christmas Lorelei gave to me~ Seven Ions a-replicating~♫♪

[Wait...that didn't sound right. The girl frowned softly before shrugging her shoulders, focusing on her work again.]
a moment of silence...

Trick 2 [Accidental video//Event]

[The puppeteer's 3STP switches  on by some means, showing a rather horrifying sight.

Anise was hanging in the middle of a room from a chain, her head was down, she herself motionless. The woman herself was in bad shape, cuts and gashes covered her whole body. She was soaked in blood, her clothes barely hung onto her since they were practically ripped to shreds. The room that she was in was somewhat dark, looked like nothing inside of her house. Softly, she started to laugh, soon the laughter turned into something more hysterical before she abruptly stopped.]

Love taps...Don't tell me that's all you got~?

[Suddenly a whip lashed out, catching her across her face. The girl held her tongue from letting out any screams, she knew that's what they wanted to hear regardless.]

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